What is “leadership” anyway?

 - by Jess Almlie

Leadership is multi-faceted, with special emphasis on the “multi.” That makes it extremely difficult to define succinctly. It is grounded in influence, but the number of variables that could explain and illustrate the topic are infinite. Because it is so broad and varied, I operate under the assumption that everyone has some capacity for leadership. If we choose to do so, we will each exercise that capacity in different ways, given our unique talents, skills, expertise, experiences, personality, etc.


We can all think of examples of leaders who excel and those who fall short. There are those whom we admire,
and those we wish would go away. There are those who improve the world and those who make a mess. But they are all some type of leader.


Another one of my leadership assumptions is that none of us will ever “arrive” at the summit of leadership. In non-metaphoric text, we will never reach the point of achieving all-knowing, perfect leader status. Our society moves too quickly, contains too any variables, and is in constant flux. In addition, we have the ability to continuously learn from the world around us. Thus, we can – and should – be constantly developing and enhancing the variables that make up our own leadership.


This blog will offer considerations and ideas as to how we can each develop our leadership skills and abilities. These will include focusing on yourself as a leader as well as working more effectively with others. Most posts will relate to women in leadership,
although men are certainly invited to read and consider topics discussed.


In this lifetime, I have spent countless hours reading, researching, observing, and practicing leadership. Formally,
I work to develop student leaders at Concordia College. I also concentrated on this topic as a master’s student. Informally, I am a self-proclaimed leadership nerd. I like to believe that we all have “nerdisms” and mine centers around learning about, developing, and practicing leadership.


I invite you to read and consider more about leadership through the thoughts and ideas presented in this blog and beyond.  More to come…

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